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Like our skin, leather needs some cares. All our premium leathers are treated to increase their waterproof properties and their resistance to abrasives. This step simplify and space the maintenance. If certains elements like calcium may alter its performance, the good product will allow you boots to find its properties back and preserving its appearance. Here are the 3 steps to follow:


That is what gives back the boots their new aspect. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth or a leather cleaner. It is recommended at the end of the season before storing the boots or as needed during winter.

DecalcifyAlthough vinegar water can do the job, there are products with an applicator that will ensure that the calcium is dislodged in depth. It is important to rub a ring of salt and the area around it until it disappears completely. Use it at the first sight of calcium spots.

ProtectApplying a cleaner or decalcifier may alter the protective layer of the leather. It is therefore important to apply a suitable protector to the type of leather after each cleaning and also before storing the boots at the end of the season. Here are the protectors we suggest depending of the type of leather:

A Protector for Each Leather

Leather Protector

Mostly in spray, it is mainly use for nubuck, suede and other ''velvet'' leather.

Dubbin, Oil or Wax

Used on full grain leather, it prevent from aging and create a barrier against abrasives.


Used for dressy boots, the cream don't have waterproofing properties but it nourish the leather. You can find it in many tints.

Taking good care of your favorite Winter boots will allow you to keep them for years!

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Happy Winter!

Isabelle - Marketing Coordinator

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