Bye Bye Summer. Hello Fall!

Mis à jour : 5 oct. 2018

My top 7 favorite activities to do in the Fall .

by Jonathan Leclercq - Martino Footwear CEO

Don’t get me wrong. I L-O-V-E Summer !

But when September comes, I kind of look forward to Fall.

Cooler temperatures, kids back to school and finally an opportunity to wear new outfits! I feel this little cool breeze in the morning is energizing me for the day. And with proper garment, Fall is all about fun, beauty and outdoor!

Here is a list of my favorite activities to take advantage of this amazing season.

1- Foliage

This is an obvious! People travel the world to come visit places where there is Fall Foliage. Of course, the look is better if you can climb a little or take a ski lift to the top of a ski mountain.

2- Apple picking

It is a must do in the Fall. Get out of the city, inquired about the different kinds of apples. Raining day? Make it a cooking day with some home-made apple sauce that you will freeze and eat all Winter. Picking, cooking and eating apple are all super healthy!

3- Discover pumpkins

Fall is also the pumpkin season and it makes great pictures with the kids! Try different kind, make games to name them, cook them, decorate them for Halloween. Try them cooked in the oven with little bit of salt and olive oil. Amazing !

4- Shopping for Fall-Winter garment (and go for multi-layer technic)

Getting the proper clothing and using many layers will allow you to enjoy this beautiful season. Technology has brought to the clothing industries tons of possibilities. Go to your local outdoor store and get information. You will find super light, compact , breathable, waterproof, odor free base layers. In the end, the multi-layer will allow you to buy less clothing and adapt better to changing weather, even during the day.

5- Walk in the country, the outdoor smells fresh!

There is a special something in the air during Fall. Whether you go the lake to Kayak, hike a mountain, walk the cycle path along the corn fields or the river, it always smells good during the Fall, especially in the Forest. It’s by far my favorite season to do the outdoor.

6- Visit a cranberry farm

If you have never seen a cranberry farm during picking season, you must put that on your agenda. They flood the fields and the floating cranberries are forming colorful flashy red lakes. WOW. The cranberries are known as a superfood because of all its antioxidants and vitamins. Canada is one of the top producer countries of cranberry in the world.

7- Do micro-pictures.

Somehow, I have developed this habit of taking micro-pictures (close-up pictures) during the Fall. It just seems that subjects are revealing. We often look at the landscape but we forget the little details that are composing the larger scheme. When I come back with micro-pictures, a fun game is to try to have people guessing what I took in picture or where I took it.

Finally, don’t forget to get ready for Halloween because if you do, someone will remind you for sure !

I hope you can find Fall as enjoyable as I do. Feel free to share your favorite activities with me at:

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